Green + Green = Red?

Attended the Green Conference in Washington D.C. Saturday with B Brown. We drove up early that morning and returned before sundown (Don Just beckoned).

Very interesting compilation of green capitalism. Its funny how so many of the attendees and participants are so passionate about socialist causes and are, in many respects, anti-capitalistic. But there we were, driving our cars and consuming and advertising and marketing and promoting. Ironic.

Did we just create our own capitalistic model. adaptive or hypocritical?

The other irony was the volume of literature and paper distributed. Each booth had tons of literature (booklets, magazines, brochures, etc.) Each communication should have been driven to the web. Give passer-bys a 100% recycled business card with the business website. End of story. Why are there even “green” centric magazines? If we were really green-minded we would disseminate all information on the web. Right?

I don’t want black hat the whole event. Just seeing the “green” trend unfold infront of my eyes was pretty incredible. And a testiment to the power of popular culture and tribal communication. Its my guess that half of the attendees were there just to jump on the bandwagon. Because regular 60 watt bulbs are so last year. Where are my LEDs?




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