Mute Math + Sony Bravia

check out this new video from mute math for paper darren. i have some experience with stop motion animation. but this takes it to a whole new level…this is fantastic.

My love for stop-motion has seen a lot more action in the industry of late. It seems there has been a huge surge in stop motion throughout advertising as well as branded entertainment. Directors are playing more and more with the technique and coming up with interesting new ways to apply stop motion in their advertising. It’s a more relevant perspective than ever before.

The new spot for Sony Bravia in their ‘Colour Like No Other’ series uses play-doh rabbits in New York, and She’s a Rainbow, a relatively unknown Brian Jones era Rolling Stones song, as the soundtrack. 2.5 tons of plasticine (fancy Play-Doh) was used stop-motion animate hundreds of bunnies and blobs on the streets of New York City. Billed as “the most ambitious piece of stop-motion animation ever undertaken”, the commercial employed 40 animators and took about three weeks to shoot.


Experimental music videos, artists and even regular folks are picking up the trend and producing some really innovative videos too. Check out ‘D.A.N.C.E’ by Justice and ‘They Made Frogs Smoke ‘til They Exploded’ by Mum. The t-shirt flip book style spot is also a pretty inspiring way to tell a story, as is the straight up flip book by Robot Fight.


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