Banksy gives a Category 5 to New Orleans

I’ve been so glued to the screen watching Gustav updates and tracking I forgot to document a really brilliant work that emerged in the streets of New Orleans last week.

Check out new works by semi-secret superfamous street artist Banksy. All five were just put up in New Orleans, to commemorate the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29. Some of the pieces relate directly the hurricane and its disastrous aftermath; others are targeted at the legacy of Fred Radtke, an infamous N.O. anti-graffiti crusader known as the “Gray Ghost” for his practice of painting over graffiti in gray paint—regardless of the color of the underlying wall.

As a New Orleanean, I think these works are fantastic and a great statement by one of the most renoun artists of America’s youthful generation. Against the merciless waves of media mediocrity and conformist pop culture, his graffiti cuts through the dross and opens eyes again to seeing the truth. Banksy’s New Orleans works seem very well informed on local conditions and perspectives; I suspect he’d been spending time with some NOLA kids . He seems to encapsulate, through a dozen scattered graffiti works, the sentiment of a lot of us younger residents who lived through a terrible August in NOLA a few years ago.

Hopefully Fred Radtke will leave these works unscathed…


2 responses to “Banksy gives a Category 5 to New Orleans

  1. Oh wow nice! Thanks for posting these! I didn’t know about Banksy doing this. Do you have larger size photos of these on your flickr?

  2. Banksy is English from Bristol but has travelled the world doing his art , he has no public profile, and is a Mystery. See

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