Cubes Are Evil: A deconstruction of how we work

My classmate, Ben Alter, and I just finished presenting our Master’s Thesis this week at the VCU Brandcenter.

Our entire project is housed on our thesis microsite:
Cubes Are

The goal of Cubes Are Evil was to identify and examine the sea change greatly affecting the world of work. We believe that employees, companies, and the economy need to utilize current catalysts, such as technological innovation and behavioral changes, in order to proactively steer the change and progress that needs to be taken to work models. We aimed to convey our standpoint through simple, digestible explanation and thoughtful presentation

We created an 12 minute stop motion animation video

9,100 Still Photographs and over 700 images hand cut from paper!

lots of fun.


3 responses to “Cubes Are Evil: A deconstruction of how we work

  1. saraika baba

    If cubes are evil then circles are sexy.

    And pyramids are old.

    And cones are childish.

    And, yes, cylinders are poisonous.


  2. Like it.

    Nicely done.

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