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Carpe Diem…

Some good news friends.

A new adventure awaits as I’m moving to New York City.

After a great experience at Modernista and in Boston, I’ve decided to move on to some new opportunities. During my time here I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from great minds like Gareth Kay,  Matt Howell and of course the amazing Catherine Heath (and many, many more). We’ve done some great work for great clients, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience.  And of course, the good golfing in and the general loveliness of New England.

I will be joining the team at Wieden + Kennedy New York.

The world of branding, media and information is changing in such a fundamental way, and to be part of an agency that’s creating the future and open to new ideas is fantastic. Really looking forward to working with Stuart Smith and the exceptional amount of talent and energy within W+K NY.  (And I get to see the man that noted the icing trend, every single day.)

I’ll share some of this here moving forth, and this blog will be reactivated and renewed.

Excuse some quietness as I trek around, see fam/friends, and move.   And if you read this and you’re in NYC, please ping me. Need and excited to meet some new people.

Peace and love,



The New Economic Stimulus Package: How connectivity can revive capitalism.

mobile facilitation

mobile facilitation

Being 9 to 5 is like being trapped inside of an arbitrary cage. It is based on a system where every resource the employee needed “to work” was within the parameters of a central hub (the office), within a certain time frame (generally 9am to 5pm). This model, to say the least, is not only archaic in behavior but stifles the sociability and productivity of a new workforce, which should rather be harnessed to the company’s benefit. Help us make people, companies, and boss’ around the world realize that a more productive, more enthusiastic, more innovative workforce relies on their ability to cross-pollinate work life and personal life.  Take the survey below to help our case and thesis:

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vcu brandcenter identity

Editorial copy from next weeks creativity:

“VCU, One of the most esteemed educational institutions connected to this business of ours, a school charged with grooming the next generation of creative marketing torch bearers, is no longer an Adcenter. School steward and MD Rick Boyko recently announced the school would now go by the handle VCU Brandcenter. (see p. 6)

Aside form provoking relief that the school’s deciders didn’t go with something more oblique and annoying (or something with “Idea” in it) the name change seems apt. Boyko has spent his tenure at VCU retooling the center’s program to mint minds for the new era, expanding the scope of the school’s teachings with the goal of creating graduates that aren’t merely carriers of attractive portfolios and makers of attractive ads but creative thinkers and marketing problem solvers. In addition of a Masters in Creative Brand Management in 2005, to help spawn a new breed of creatively enlightened marketer and account person, and last year, the Advanced Management Training program for creative directors.

So if the Adcenter isn’t an ad center anymore, is the industry into which its students will graduate still an ad industry? Are you people still ad men and women? The head of our agency of the year David Droga called himself “absolutely an advertising man” in our last issue and yet we recognized his agency’s work in part for its non-advertisingness. Is the distinction important? We’ve talked at length in Creativity about name calling–if it’s not advertising then what? –as have others. TBWA’s Lee Clow has famously pursued a vision of a “media arts company” as the evolution of an ad agency and has told us in the past: “Brands today cannot be sustained by what in the past has been called advertising…everything a brand does that connects to the consumer is media, is brand communication. If orchestrating the art of all those media conversations isn’t advertising, then perhaps the creativity of what we’ll do in the future needs a new name.”

-Teressa Iezzi, Editor – Creativity

Its great to be at the Brandcenter in 08′.   Pictures of the new space to come soon …



Absolut New Orleans “the flavor of inspiration” – apparently Absolut (insert city name here) is no longer just an ad you see, but they are now becoming real liquors of their own. The limited edition Absolut New Orleans is a fruity mango vodka with a spicy black pepper kick (sounds interesting…). 100% of the profits from this product are donated to various Gulf Region charities. Yesterday, at Tales of the Cocktail, the annual New Orleans culinary and cocktail festival, this special flavor was officially announced.

Viva New Orleans!