Carpe Diem…

Some good news friends.

A new adventure awaits as I’m moving to New York City.

After a great experience at Modernista and in Boston, I’ve decided to move on to some new opportunities. During my time here I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from great minds like Gareth Kay,  Matt Howell and of course the amazing Catherine Heath (and many, many more). We’ve done some great work for great clients, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience.  And of course, the good golfing in and the general loveliness of New England.

I will be joining the team at Wieden + Kennedy New York.

The world of branding, media and information is changing in such a fundamental way, and to be part of an agency that’s creating the future and open to new ideas is fantastic. Really looking forward to working with Stuart Smith and the exceptional amount of talent and energy within W+K NY.  (And I get to see the man that noted the icing trend, every single day.)

I’ll share some of this here moving forth, and this blog will be reactivated and renewed.

Excuse some quietness as I trek around, see fam/friends, and move.   And if you read this and you’re in NYC, please ping me. Need and excited to meet some new people.

Peace and love,



2 responses to “Carpe Diem…

  1. congrats Mollie! i’m a big fan and hope all is well.

    – e.

  2. awesome, see you soon!

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